Implementation of “Partner Function” Feature in SAP

We are glad to inform you that we have implemented the “Partner Function” feature in SAP Project System (PS) module for restricting the cross-department transactions in Projects. This ensures the robust security of the project data.

The authorization for carrying out Project-based transactions is now based on the Partners maintained in the respective Project. There will be no possibility of carrying out cross-department transactions in projects and posting henceforth, as only the Office User-IDs (like CSAOFF, AEOFF, IPCOFF, PHYOFF) of the respective Departments will be maintained as the department staff (Partners) for the Projects. Only the Principal Investigators (PIs) of each Project will be authorized to maintain (add / delete) the required Partners for the Project from their SAP Log-in credentials. No one else other than the users included as partner of a project would not be in a position to view or access the project in SAP system.

Faculty members of a particular department, by default, are authorized to access to ONLY the ‘Project Profit Centre’ tagged to of their own Department. The Co-PI tagged to a Project will now have access to view the budget, reports of such Projects by default, if the Co-PI belongs to the same department as the Project PI belongs to. In case a Co-PI belongs to a different department, other than the PI’s department , then the PI / Co-PI will need to drop an email to with a request to extend the additional authorization of the ‘Project Profit Centre’ required by the Co-PI.

The authorization checksfor ‘Project Partner’ is active across Project related transactions in PS, S&P, Finance and HCM modules. The provision to add / change / delete Partners after the creation of Project structure is only authorized to the Project PI.

Click here to view a few FAQs with answers to clarify the usage of ‘Partner Function’

Please feel free to contact or write to  SAP Support team ( ) if you still face any issue related to unauthorized access  to your project data or transaction carried out in your project by a user other than a partner member.

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