Whats New – Features and Release Updates

Date Area New Features and Release Updates
15-Jul-24 TRM Finance and Accounts Section was facing issues with instruments like treasury bills (CP/CD). In the investment register, the amount received as gain or loss needs to be reflected in the Capital Gain/Loss column. However, it is currently was appearing in the Interest column. This and similar other issues were fixed and made live.
11-Jun-24 FICO/FICA Hostel Estimation Process was associated with the posting of SD Due Document. As per Business’s recommendation, the posting of SD due documents is stopped during the estimation process. This helped reduce the accumulation of SD due documents due to improper adjustment of the hostel and mess fee against payment towards the estimated amount.
11-Jun-24 FICO/FICA Issue in Tuition fee posting application for Int PhD students has been corrected. Int PhD is of duration of 7 years. First two years are considered at par with M. Tech, but for some 2nd year students few issues were observed which has now been corrected.
11-Jun-24 Finance & Accounting Special GL indicator “3” is created for “Staff – Credit Card Advance”. This helps the Finance and Accounts Section segregate the expenses related to travel and contingencies.
11-Jun-24 Purchase Release strategy for DRDO 1085 department was implemented and moved to Production
11-Jun-24 Purchase Purchase related configurations for two Departments under Division of Medical Sciences (1086 Department of Nephrology  and 1087 ICPH) were completed and made live.
30-May-24 Finance & Accounting The functionality to generate Forex Forms for external thesis reviewers has been integrated with the “Payment of Honorarium” application. The Forex forms will be automatically generated from the system.
30-May-24 HR and Payroll Corrections have been implemented in the system to mandate Resume on Duty for the following leave types –
• Extraordinary Leave
• Sabbatical Leave
• Childcare Leave
• Special Casual Leave
• Combination Leave
• Half-pay leave
• Combination Leave
• Duty Leave (Visit Abroad)
• Vacation Leave
• Earned Leave
• Commuted Leave
• Maternity and Paternity Leave
27-May-24 HR and Payroll The summer months May, June, and July are intended for vacation leave. Previously, the staff was applying the other leaves rather than the vacation leave. To combat this, the validation has been developed and moved  to production, which states that only the vacation leave must be applied in the summer months.
24-May-24 Finance & Accounting In FICA, the automatic clearing (FPMA) application is corrected as required by business and moved to production. Now business can make the adjustment according to the requirement.
22-May-24 HMS Change in the logic of Mess Amenities Posting where For married student, Mess amenities will not be posted if they don’t have any mess sign in for the billing month as well as no mess guest charges entry. In case either of mess sign in or mess guest entry is found for the billing month then mess amenities will be posted for them.
15-May-24 HR and Payroll Currently, employees can update their children’s information via the personnel profile application. Previously, only one child’s information could be updated, however, this has changed, and employees can now update all of their children’s information at once.
8-May-24 HR and Payroll All temporary employees of  S3 and S4 payroll areas have been provided the Form 16 and payslip tiles.
6-May-24 SLcM ABC ID and Blood Group data of the students will now onwards be ported from AMS to SAP.
2-May-24 SLcM Change of Scholarship CR has been moved to production which helps in updating the change of student scholarship scheme from present funding agency to other funding agency through a workflow process.
30-Apr-24 SLcM Payment of Honorarium CR has been implemented in SAP which helps in automating the Honorarium payment to Thesis Examiners.
29-Apr-24 SLcM Confirmation of Provisional Admission of students CR has been implemented in SAP which confirm the Admission of students through a Workflow process.
25-Apr-24 SLcM Leave Details of the student has been added in the UG summary sheet.
11-Apr-24 Finance & Accounting The validations with respect to house bank was removed to the ZFI_AP report, ensuring that data appears correctly for all new house banks.
4-Apr-24 SLcM Course-Instructor Feedback has been enabled for Summer term
4-Apr-24 SLcM A program has been developed to upload ABC ID of the student, which is crucial for the NAD Report
1-Apr-24 Finance & Accounting The issue with the Vendor Master data has been successfully resolved by implementing the note provided by SAP and executing the report using Transaction code: ZNOTE865271. This action has facilitated in resolving master data errors for approximately 35 vendors.
20-Mar-24 Finance & Accounting A new Agency Code “MOE Fellowship” was introduced in SAP for the students receiving MOE fellowships starting 1st April 24 to streamline the scholarship payment processing and minimize payment processing issues.
20th Mar 24 SlcM As per the JFM decision, Attendance has been retained as Mandatory only for courses starting with “U”. Attendance is optional for rest of the courses.
A provision to filter the grades has also been introduced in the Grades Entry and Approval process. This will enable the approvers to filter the list by grades. Please click here to know more.
4th Mar 24 Purchase The release strategy for Purchase Order Approval has been updated to incorporate the change in Chair of Purchase Department. All the POs will be triggered to AR-Purchase for approval now on.
28th Feb 24 SLcM Link to Student Academic Summary Sheet has been enabled for all the Faculty Members. Click here to know more.
28th Feb 24 SLcM As per the approval from the Senate, the restriction of a minimum of seven days’ leave is removed for students applying for medical leave. Students can now apply for medical leave on SAP for less than 7 days.
15th Feb 24 HR and Payroll All temporary employees of S3 and S4 payroll areas have been provided HCM ESS (Employee Self Services) privileges to access their payslip details. Click here to know more.
5th Feb 25 Student Financials A validation has been introduced in Scholarship Approval application restricting the Department Admin from changing the no. of days of attendance submitted by student. Department admin can reduce the no. of days but cannot increase the no. of days of attendance submitted by student for payment of scholarship
25th Jan 24 Student Financials Application for Tuition fee installment posting has been made live. Currently the Finance and Accounts section staff members were doing many calculations related to Tuition fee manually. This new application will reduce the manual intervention.
19th Jan 24 HR and Payroll End users were unable to view the salary commitment against the Project in the HR Service Request Application. This issue has been fixed, & the end user will be able to view the salary commitment under the HR service request tile Budget check report link. Click here to know more.
17th Jan 24 SLcM Provision for viewing the Academic Structure of a Department has been enabled for the Institute Community. Click here to know more.
17th Jan 24 SLcM Guidelines/Notes have been added on many SLcM Initiator screens to help the end user in understanding the prerequisites of the process to be initiated and avoid rejection of the requests. Click here to know more.
23rd Jan 24 SLcM Provision for downloading transcripts of the students in the template expected by NAD portal has been enabled for the Academic Section.
11th Dec 23


SLcM An application for automatically generating the SCC Agenda and Minutes has been completed and made available to the Academic Section. This will significantly reduce the effort needed for preparation of SCC Agenda and Minutes before the SCC Meeting.
2nd Nov 23 SLcM The Summary Sheet for PG/PhD/Int. PhD students has been enhanced and made available for the Students, Departments and the Academic Section. The enhanced version contains all the academic details related to the students including their leave details.
16th Oct 23 Purchase Release Strategy has been  redefined. All domestic , admin PO’s will flow to  AR Purchase for approval and all Foreign PO’s will flow to  DR Purchase approval. Earlier all the POs were sent to DR Purchase for approval
10th Oct 23 Finance & Accounting Park Incoming Invoice has been enhanced to check the budget availability when the the invoice is being saved.In Parked invoice screen the posting date has been defaulted to system date.
27th Oct 23 SLcM An automated process for converting the X grades of the students to F grades as per SCC recommendation has been developed and made available. The process will also send reminders to the students and the instructors before the conversion. This will reduce the efforts of the Academic Section significantly
30th Sept 23 Hostel And Mess A request capping functionality for Mess Change Requests has been implemented which will enable the capping of requests for changes in mess.
13th Sept 23 SLcM New report such as Consolidated Credits Registered by Student Reports have been developed and made available for the Undergraduate and PG/PhD Programs.
6th Sept 23 SLcM New Approval workflow for Course Registration and Dropping for Undergraduate Program (BS, MS)  has been implemented.
6th Sept 23 Finance and Accouting The wealth advisor of the Institute and IISc’s current Investment Policy decided to invest funds in Commercial Papers (CPs), Certificate of Deposits (CDs), Treasury Bills (T-Bills) and Cash management Bills (CMBs) rated A1 (Highest rating for <=1 Yr). This investment has been incorporated in the SAP Treasury Module across all funds..
3rd Jul 23 SLcM An application for automatically generating the Senate Agenda and Minutes has been completed and made available to the Academic Section. This will significantly reduce the effort needed for preparation of Senate Agenda and Minutes.
14th Aug 23 Solution Manager (SolMan) The Solman Portal access has been integrated with the SAP Portal (https://sap.iisc.ac.in). SAP Users should be able to seamlessly navigate to the Solman portal via the “Solman” tile added in the newly introduced tile group “Solman” without needing to sign in again.

Auto closing of Solman tickets have been implemented. Users will be sent two reminders to check the solution  provided by the team. They can close if they are satisfied with the solution else the ticket will be auto closed after 15 days.

15th June 23 SLcM Grade Change Application has been enhanced. Search by SR number has been introduced for enabling filtering.
2nd June 23 Hostel and Mess System The Student Cashbook Report has been enabled and made available to Hostel and Finance team.
1st June 23 SLcM An approval workflow for degree award of a student has been introduced. The Academic Section/UG Office case worker submits the list of student which can be futher reviewed and then approved by the AR/DR Academics.
16th Apr 23 Finance And Accounting 28 Annual Accounts Schedules have been completed. With this, we are able to generate all 28 schedules of Annual accounts from within SAP.
25th Apr 23 Project Systems Utilization Certificate Issue Correction (Due to legacy data not being correctly and completely available in SAP) a few changes were required for the one touch generation of these from within SAP. These corrections have been implemented and Utilization Certificate is now properly generated by the system.
31st Mar 23 HR and Payroll The New Personal Profile Application with Document Upload option has been  enabled for the user community. This can be used to update the details of dependents, addresses, mobile no., bank details, and other personal data.
31st Mar 23 HR and Payroll The new application for claiming Child Education Allowance has been enabled for the user community.
30th Mar 23 SLcM New reports such as Termination Reports and Continuation Reports have been developed and made available for the Undergraduate Programs.


19th Feb 23 SLcM Oral Defense schedule creation and report submission approval process has been introduced. RS can now download the Invitation Memo directly from SAP.
15th Jan 23 Project Systems Two additional reports (Project Report – Annual and Project Report – Overall) have been introduced for checking the budget details.
30th Nov 22 SLcM The functionality to generate Provisional Degree Certificate has been introduced for the Academic Section.


21st Nov 22 SLcM Workflow for inter-departmental transfer of a student has been introduced. The option has been made available to the DCC Chairs of the Departments
14th Nov 22 SLcM Leave Cancellation process has been introduced for the students.
14th Oct 22 SLcM Provision for uploading the “Preface” for SOI has been introduced for the DCC Chairs.
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