The main campus of the Indian Institute of Science has an area of 400 acres with a perimeter of 8 Km. There are 9 gates in the main campus accessible by motor vehicles and one pedestrian gate near the health centre. This is a residential campus with student hostels and housing for the families of a large fraction of the Institute Faculty and employees.

In addition to students, faculty, the employees and their families, the IISc  campus plays a host to a large number of academic visitors, non IISc students attending workshop and courses. IISc has a sprawling main campus with scattered buildings, extensive tree covered roads and streets, and hardly any access control except the gates. Under these circumstances, it is practically not feasible to monitor the campus with security guards of reasonable size.

With this in mind, the present committee was set up in March 2012 (as listed below) and assigned the task of studying the possibility of monitoring the campus with strategically placed network IP cameras.

Committee Members

  • Prof. Anurag Kumar, ECE (CHAIR)
  • Prof. R.Govindarajan, SERC
  • Prof. B.S.Rajanikanth, EE
  • Prof. K.R.Ramakrishnan, EE
  • Prof. R.Venkatesh Babu, SERC
  • Dr.T.V.Prabhakar, DESE
  • Mr. T.Shankar, CSA
  • Mr. B.K.A.N Singh, DESE
  • Dr. Panneer Selvam, Administration
  • Mr. M.R. Chandrasekar, Security Officer

The committee had discussions with several representatives of the institute community and finally decided to prepare an RFI (request for information) after getting their valuable inputs.

The following locations were identified for camera based monitoring as listed below

Location                                      Cameras Fixed

  1. Main entrance gate                 02
  2. Security office gate                  02
  3. D-Gate                                       02
  4. SID Temple gate                      02
  5. MSR Hospital gate                  02
  6. New BEL Road gate                02
  7. Main Hostel gate                     02
  8. Health centre entrance          02

PTZ Camera

  1. Janata bazaar junction           01
  2. OCBC junction                         01
  3. Faculty Club Junction             01
  4. Main IISc tower building        01
  5. Boy’s Hostel                             02
  6. Girl’s Hostel                             02

After the tendering process and technical evaluation, the contract was awarded to M/S KAYENN Integrated solutions Pvt ltd.

All the cameras were centrally  monitored at the security office on a large 55 inches LED  display Monitor. The recording server & storage were located in SERC.

CURRENT STATUS: All the cameras are functioning satisfactorily.   The recorder with NAS storage is also functioning satisfactorily.

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