Office of Data

The prime objective of Office Of Data (OOD) at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is to carry out Data Management activities such as Data Collection, Data Quality, Data Organization, Data Storage, Data Retrieval, Data Sharing, Data Security, Data Governance, and so on. Also, systematic data collection, validation and sharing of data for some of the ranking agencies such as NIRF, THE, QS and NIRF – Innovation is considered as an important activity for the Office of Data.

Some of important data sets considered are Students, Faculty, Finances, Patents, Projects and so on. The OOD will act as a “single window and with a click of a button” for access to curated data about IISc. The OOD will interface with the various academic and administrative units of IISc to gather the data at regular intervals and build systems in using various technologies in place to seamlessly integrate with the existing ERP systems at IISc.

The OOD will provide live visualizations using different tools to get actionable insights on various performance measures or indicators. This can be used to benchmark and compare IISc with other research institutes of India and abroad.

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