Call for Volunteers and for suggestions (please fill in google form)

 We wish to take your help in stabilising, improving, and optimising the ERP imlementation. We are now sincerely calling for  volunteers to help out in the following tasks:

(a)  Preparing a user manual for different use-cases (for example, TA/DA reimbursement for a Ph.D. examiner; travel reimbursement for a student, applying for LTC, etc) that you have successfully executed. This is to expand and enhance what is available in This would be extremely useful for the community. Please pick up a T-shirt at the DIGITS office once you prepare the user manual for any non-trivial use-case not already covered in the manual (pdf file with all relevant screen shots).

(b) Expanding and helping with the FAQ which is currently hosted at :

(c) Hand-holding fellow colleagues and department staff: If you have mastered certain SAP transactions, you may please help out fellow colleagues or admin staff. Once you enroll for this, stating your specific expertise, you can pick up a T-shirt at the DIGITS office and start helping us out.

We also need your suggestions for improving the ERP implementation. Please let us know any specific  suggestions, you may have, using this google form. Constructive negative feedback is most welcome.

Link to Google Form

Please fill in the google form, preferably, on or before July 19, 2019.

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