Broadcast Policy

Protocols to send Broadcast-emails using subscription-based Campus broadcasting System

Broadcast items are classified into different categories. Anyone wishing to send broadcast emails of a certain category may send the email from a IISc email ID to with the below details:

Subject Line: –
[Category] : <Date> : <Title of the Seminar/ Subject> : <Department> Example [Seminar]: 9/11/2022: “Computational Networking” : CSA

Signature: –
<Senders Name>,

Other Details: –
*Ensure that your email contains Date, Time, Venue of the event
*Specify the category of the broadcast belongs to.

Broadcast Categories (As on today)

Official Notices

Emails to be broadcasted under this category

Director’s Messages
Registrar’s Office Circular
CMO’s Circular/intimations
Security Officer’s Circulars
Finance Controller’s Circulars



Alumni & Placement
Blood Requests
Employees Association
Lost & Found
Students Council
Other Events



Course Announcements Examinations
Thesis Colloquia

      Secondary Categories
Department Names


Sports Culture

Please Note:

Official Notices will be delivered to all IISc email IDs

The broadcasts email other than official notices will be circulated to the people who have subscribed the specific category

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