FARE: Faculty Annual Reporting Environment

FARE: Portal for Annual Reporting by Faculty Members


DIGITS is happy to announce the launching of FARE (Faculty Annual Reporting Environment), a portal that enables the faculty members to upload information about their activities during a calendar year. It has a user-friendly interface using which a faculty member will be able to upload all relevant information. The information entered is useful for compiling the information required for Court Report and Annual Report. The portal is hosted on Azure cloud.

FARE has the following features:

  • Generates a neatly  formatted pdf file displaying the information.
  • Concatenates the information entered in successive years to generate a consolidated report for a given duration (say five years)
  • Enables to put together the information for an entire department/division
  • Provides a facility to answer queries such as: (a) List all journal papers published by all faculty members by the Institute in 2018 (b) List all ongoing DST projects in the Division of EECS during 2018; etc.
  • Access to portal is through the standard IISc email ID and password
  • It is possible to add/delete/update existing data
  • A dashboard is provided to the faculty member displaying an icon for each calendar year
  • Upon submission, an email notification is sent to the faculty member attaching a pdf file that contains all the information entered.

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